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Produce Buzz and the New England Produce Council
are issuing a challenge to people in the Produce Industry to
eat ten servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day for 30 days 

We hope that after thirty days, eating ten will become
a regular habit for all who participate. 

Studies Continue to Confirm the Benefits of Eating Lots of Fresh Fruit and Veggies

The Recommended 5 a Day is Good But Studies Show 7-10 is Best

By Participating You Will Be Helping College Students Get Their Education

Dozens of authoritative studies are conducted every year showing conclusively that fresh fruits and vegetables help alleviate the effects of and prevent so many of the diseases that plague our modern world. Yet, most people do not get the recommended daily amount of fresh produce in their diet. We are asking Produce Industry professionals to lead the way and show people that getting your fruits and veggies is powerful medicine.

If you take the N4TEN challenge you will help provide scholarships for people who help grow and distribute the fresh produce that keeps us so healthy. When you take the challenge we ask you to donate whatever you can to The Nolan Foundation, sponsors of Produce Buzz and the N4TEN Challenge. The Nolan Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides scholarships to families who work in the produce industry. The foundation wants to honor those people who are working hard to grow and distribute the food that is most important to the health of people everywhere.​

For many years the recommended amount has been five servings a day, but new research is showing that for optimal health we really need 7-10 servings a day. For the Produce Buzz challenge, we wanted to encourage participants in it to go for the very best to really see the difference fresh fruits and veggies can make. 




It's Simple to Register

It only takes a few minutes to complete the short registration form for N4TEN. You can choose to participate in various ways. From just simply pledging to eat ten a day or by engaging daily or weekly on social media showing how you are getting your ten. ​

Commit and say,

“I’m N 4 TEN!”


start eating your ten fruits and veggies today.


Everyone who does will be a winner!

By taking the challenge you are saying you are "in for ten" (N4TEN) veggies a day! 

There will also be awards for the most creative social media posts and for getting others to participate. So make sure to read the instructions carefully on what to do to qualify.​

You might be asking, “If people can’t get five each day, how could we expect them to eat ten?” It’s a fair question and we know it will take effort. But we believe it is not an unrealistic goal and we have many suggestions to show you how to do it without disrupting your whole life. With just a few hours each week of planning and preparation you can make it happen. We are confident you will agree the investment in time was well worth it. The improvement in how you feel and function will be noticeable. And knowing that you are helping your body fight off debilitating diseases will be very reassuring.

It's Not Difficult!

With Just a Little Bit of Extra Effort Each Week You Can Eat 10 a Day


Awards for Participation

The suggested donation to take the challenge is $10, but even $1 or $5 will go a long way to help with their education. And if you can donate more, we have some nice rewards for donations at higher levels. You can check them out here: N4TEN Donation Rewards.​


Join the Challenge,
         Make a Donation and                                          Get Some Cool Rewards

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